As a marketing company with a high level of skill at helping certain types of businesses generate potential customers, Ascendant Marketing Group has shown itself to be very adept at making themselves useful to businesses specializing in helping people reduce or eliminate their debt, or at least make it far more manageable. The professionals at Ascendant Marketing Group is well aware that everyone strives to pay their rent or mortgage, their auto loan, their credit card bills and even student loans on time each and every month. However, they also are aware life would be easier for most people if they they were able to pay just one amount every month and cover everything.

The same is true of the companies who hire Ascendant Marketing Group to provide leads and other resources to help them help clients. They can show people all sorts of ways to find financial resources that allow them the freedom to consolidate all their debts into one loan, often with a far lower interest rate. Ascendant Marketing Group has worked hard to create a fun and productive environment for their specialists, who provide mortgage refinance, debt consolidation and auto financing companies with the leads they need to build their companies and make them more productive and profitable.

Every year, the average homeowner gains thousands of dollars in home equity, and that builds up over time. Since interest rates on mortgages are far lower than those on credit cards and even auto loans and student loans, Ascendant Marketing Group is well aware, if a homeowner can borrow against their equity, they can consolidate their credit card bills into a loan at a low mortgage rate and save a lot of money every month.